Decorating Your Fall Porch : 5 Tips to make your porch the nicest on the block!

“Advice from the porch: Enjoy every season, hear the birds sing, take in the view, listen to the rainy days.”

I love to decorate my front porch in every season. Spring welcomes beautiful hanging baskets,  porch pots lining my stairs & surrounding my front door. The autumn porch hosts a slew of Heirloom pumpkins & mums… and just wait until I show you my winter porch décor!! I’m so excited I could burst!

I wanted to share some tips on how to showcase your porch so it’s the nicest on the block! 

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  1. What color is your house? The first thing to consider when choosing your baskets & planters is the color of your home. Whether it’s brick, stone, or vinyl siding you don’t want your beautiful blooms to get lost. My house is a light gray vinyl siding, so I choose bright oranges & burgundy’s to accentuate my home. The bright colors ‘pop’ because the backdrop (the house) is light colored.

Pro Tip: Always look to have a contrast when decorating. If you have a dark red or brown brick home, you’ll want to go with white or yellows in order to get the most effect!

Variety is the spice of life!

Ornamental cabbage & kale.

2. Variety is the spice of life! I love to add a variety of plants with my mums. Try ornamental cabbage & kale, annual grasses, pansies, sweet potato vine, straw flower, asters, marigolds, & beautiful ornamental peppers! 

Pro Tip: Use plants that will give you height, vining, & depth to get the best effect. Place your potted mums & other plants in cool old galvanized buckets or pails, or in old wooden crates!

3. Layering adds dimension! Adding different heights adds dimension to your porch design. When placing pots on steps, be sure they are not all the same height. As you create your design, you want to elevate items in the back to make it look tiered.

Pro Tip: Use empty plant pots, cool wooden crates, or anything else you have to elevate a pot if it is too short.

4. Accentuate your blossoms! Adding decorative items like seasonal signs, scarecrows, bales of straw & other items adds so much to the display. Beauty is in the details!

Pro Tip: Balance is the key, so use decorative items sparingly with taste.

5. Heirloom pumpkins & gourds oh my!!! Choosing different shapes, sizes, & especially colors of Heirloom pumpkins & gourds adds so much interest to your decorative porch design. Stacking & even placing in planters will add interest. 

Pro Tip: Stack pumpkins to make towers next to your door or flower arrangements! 

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year with the trees shifting into their majestic colors, the crisp air & those woodland scents. Apple orchards & pumpkin patches are in the horizon… & I can’t wait.

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