Cookbook Testimonials

Cookbook1  Thanks to all who have purchased my cookbook!
Here are some testimonials from folks who’ve purchased it!

Cookbook Description: This book is almost 500 pages with close to 1000 recipes, 100 of them being my own! There are over 100 canning recipes with great instructions for the beginner including a load of kitchen tips & tricks!

Carol Lambirth I am loving the cookbook Jean!  Going to drop the white spaghetti today.  Will probably be doing a dessert as well and salad. So many unique  recipes. I have a KitchenKlatter book as well and it is my favorite. Now yours is right up there with it.  Happy canning my friend!

Sharon Negraiff Ellis You haven’t told everyone that your book has over 450 pages!! Very worth having! ❤ Sending for my copy!

Wanda Tabor Key I got mine too….and I absolutely love it!! I have read every single recipe in the book and tried quite a few….yummy!! Best money I’ve spent in a while!! You gotta do it…it is sooo worth it!!

Shawnna Shepherd I got my copy and i LOVE it

Patte Farrell I can’t thank you enough for writing such an informative cookbook. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the quality and homey recipes inside. I know that it will bring many years of delicious food fir our family. I especially like the recipe fir a good marriage
Elena Johnson Duncan The recipes in your book are so much more simple and use only the best ingredients. I have a list of things I want to make and I’m not half way thru looking at the book 🙂
Debbie Blunt-Reed It is a wonderful cookbook. I have made a few of the recipes already and I got the ” This is a keeper” nod
Melissa Placzek Got my copy yesterday!!!! SO awesome! thanks, Jean! XOXO ❤ ~Melissa
Nancy Sylver Wampler I just opened it and wow…AMAZING~! I read cookbooks like people read regular books…. soooo I will enjoy, thank you again.
Katie Otto I received the book – it’s great. Thanks!
Judith Ostrander Jean, just wanted to let you know I received my cookbook today and I love it !! Thanks Judith
Charlotte Cave Richards Good afternoon, Jean.  I have received my cookbook and I am so excited to delve into it!! It has a wonderful collection….thank you so much. I’ll be purchasing more as gifts, soon. Thank you, thank you!!!
DPP_0004Diane Cisco Hi – Just wanted to tell you that I received the cookbook – looks great!  A lot bigger than I thought it would be. Cannot wait to get started!  Diane Cisco
Wendy Way Hi Jean!! Cookbook arrived today and I love it!! Just right for our family. Thank you so much!!
Faye Ursery Hey Jean, hope you are well and happy…I am very happy…received your cookbook and it is beautiful…I sat right down with it reading…all evening…good thing for crock-pot cooking…I had 3 going so dinner did get made…lol…I love your book…are you sure I paid enough for it? Have a blessed night and a great day tomorrow…and your pears canned up beautifully….
Theresa Castle Jean, I bought your cookbook at the Power road winter farmer’s market & have loved it ever since. I make your Granma’s crepes & have made several other recipes too. Oh that’s right I need to make more granola!!

14 thoughts on “Cookbook Testimonials

  1. Jean, I bought your cookbook at the Power road winter farmer’s market & have loved it ever since. I make your Granma’s crepes & have made several other recipes too. Oh that’s right I need to make more granola!!


  2. I ordered your cookbook on June4, 2022 & haven’t heard from you or received cookbook, it has already gone thru my bank as paid, any idea when I might get it? Paid they pay pal
    Thank you
    Grace Smith


    • Grace.. I’m so sorry for the trouble.
      I did refund the money… please let me know if you didn’t get it.
      I’m working on reordering the book… and coming out with a new one soon!!!
      Keep posted for more.
      Again I am so sorry.
      I’ve tried taking the item off, but have had a lot of trouble doing so.
      Thanks for your patience!!!


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