For Dragonflies And Me Podcast!

About me
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Join Jean Roman for weekly gardening, cooking, organizational tips & tricks, discussions on healthy life-styles, and incredible conversations with entrepreneurs. Jean will share her vast knowledge, as well as host guests who will bring a plethora of information on these exciting topics!

Jean Roman is a published author with The Detroit News~ The Good Life blog, has contributed to GRIT magazine, Countryside Small Stock & Journal, along with several other online publications.

Jean is the co-author to Lovingly Seasoned Eats & Treats cookbook from her Mennonite days. She is currently working on her second cookbook geared off her popular blog, For Dragonflies And Me.

Jean has wore many hats including Organic farmer, farmers market vendor & manager, Director of Events, and of course her biggest accomplishment is being a mother of six beautiful children.

A self proclaimed master gardener, Jean will share her vast knowledge on Organic gardening with topics including raised bed gardening, heirloom vs. hybrid seeds, & companion planting to name just a few.

Jean spent over 12 years on her Community Supported Agriculture farm growing organic, heirloom veggies and raising pork & poultry with her family. She spent those twelve years selling her families wares at multiple farmers markets. After only a few years of vending, she started her own Winter Farmers market and went on to manage several area farmers markets for close to fifteen years. She is a Certified Market Manager.

She has a reputation as being an organizational guru and loves to share her tips & tricks on how to organize your life with her favorite idea- P.M.S.~ it’s not what you think. Prioritize! Minimize! & Simplify!

Jean is currently working on her NEW YouTube channel where she will share recipes from her popular cookbook, Lovingly Seasoned Eats and Treats. She’ll also be sharing other surprise topics!

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