PODCAST: Join Jean & Walt as they chat it up about what’s happening at The Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market!

If you are a regular listener, you all know I love to share the back story with all of you on how I know and met my podcast guest… and this one is really near & dear to my heart.

I met this guy over a decade ago during my Mennonite days behind my table at the Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market. He was a volunteer with the market and always was so happy & energetic about it. He had real passion is the best way to describe it. Of course that’s why we clicked! Our hearts were both in that happy place!!

We became fast friends and soon he became our new Market Manager. He & I talked a lot and he was always looking for information and tips on how to make the market successful… even great! To hear the rest, scroll down to listen!

Check out this incredible video created by Michigan Farmers Market Association (M.I.F.M.A.) in partnership with Taste The Local Difference with highlights from The Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market!

The FFAM was always a really good market, and by that I mean it was generally a busy market where vendors did really well. The customers were loyal and returned each week rain or shine.

I am super excited to announce I will be teaching gardening & cooking classes at the market once a month May through October.

To see more about the market click here: https://www.farmingtonfarmersmarket.com/

To see the complete list of classes I’ll be teaching at the market this summer click here: https://fordragonfliesandme.com/wheres-jean/ 

Check out these great shots of the market!

If you’re on the run and want to listen to the PODCAST check it out!

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