Podcast with Kat Sturtz, Rocking Your Path Life Coach & The Purgatory Relief Coach for People Who Think Marketing Is Hell.

In today’s podcast I get to introduce you to one of the most remarkable women I have the blessing of knowing & calling a friend! 

I met Kat back in 2012 when I was just starting out on my writing journey. After a wonderful conversation with her, I was off to one of her writing groups. At my first group meeting I was in awe at how wonderful she and the group were. How welcoming and the information, guidance, and encouragement I received cannot be expressed in words… I was so touched. To this day I truly feel Kat helped give me the legs to stand on and go for it! I started Rocking My Path. 

Soon after I started attending the writing group I began blogging for The Detroit News, other online publications, and even a couple magazines. 

And that is what we are going to focus on during this segment of For Dragonflies And Me. Today Kat & I are going to talk about Mindset & Motivation and her Rocking Your Path world! You’ll learn how she guides people to grow in their solo-entrepreneurship! 

My passion is helping time and cash-strapped solopreneurs build a profitable home-based business. 

I especially love helping clients break free from despair, leaking money, or making little at all.

What about You? What keeps you up at night, tossing and turning trying to figure out how to get past all the obstacles life throws at you?” Kat Sturtz.

For those of you looking for Marketing and Promotion coaching…
Clients, biz friends, and followers know Kat affectionately as The Purgatory Relief Coach for People Who Think Marketing Is Hell.

“Marketing is necessary but it needn’t leave you feeling stuck between Heaven and Hell. And it doesn’t need to be expensive, hard to do, or leave you feeling icky at the end of the day either. Not when you follow the marketing strategies, tactics, and advice I love most. Top on that list: If you don’t like being marketed to in a particular way then don’t use that method in your own marketing. Doesn’t matter if it’s being touted as the current best tactic to use. If you don’t like it, it’s likely your target niche doesn’t either.” Kat Sturtz

…and we will also chat about a wonderful organizational tool, Trello. I am currently taking that course & will have a blog coming up all about it!

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See you there!

Until then, happy day friends!