Are you a biking enthusiast? Podcast with Bike Dearborn Founder & Lead Biker, Tracy Besek

Join me today as Founder & Lead Biker for Bike Dearborn, Tracy Besek & I chat it up about biking safety, advocacy, and being a part of this great group!

This month’s focus has been on local food, and healthy life choices. I tend to focus a lot on farmers markets, but obviously there are so many other ways to invest in healthy life choices, exercise being another obvious one!

My guest today and I met almost ten years ago during my tenure in Dearborn with both the DDA and the Chamber of Commerce. We collaborated together with the city’s farmers market I managed… OK, yep I’m going to tie in the farmers market again, LOL.

So now I’d like to introduce you to Tracy Besek, Founder & Ride Leader for Bike Dearborn!

Some of the awards Tracy has received include:

  • 2016 Beaumont’s Healthy Community Champion Award
  • 2018 Advocate of the Year from the League of Michigan Bicyclists. I’ve since become an active board member and co-chair of the DEI Committee.
  • 2018 Sierra Club of Southeastern Michigan Green Cruiser of the Year.
    2022 Received Certificate of Appreciation from County Commissioner Sam Baydoun for promoting healthy living in Dearborn

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