Garden Parties: How To Host A Party Garden Style

The sun is rising right now, its rays glimmering in the puddles… the breeze feels cool and gentle… the air is filled with an earthy scent from the rains we’ve enjoyed… the robins and Baltimore orioles are saying good morning to whoever is blessed enough to be listening. Sitting In the gardens this time of day is so relaxing and free, it almost makes me feel guilty to have this little piece of Heaven right here under my feet.

My breakfast patio is one of my quiet spaces...

My breakfast patio is one of my quiet spaces…

I’m sitting in my breakfast patio writing this right now while everyone else is still sleeping. There’s a male Ruby Throated Hummingbird sitting on my clothesline… he seems to be enjoying the quiet morning along with me.

All my life we had a garden and it’s a part of who I am, what I feel, what I love. My life would be so empty without it. I love sharing my gardens with friends and loved ones, entertaining and making them feel at home. There were two main reasons why we created the patio: the first of course was for my family to have a special place to fellowship and have our meals and the second was to entertain.

A cozy space is an inviting place to have friends and family

A cozy space is an inviting place to have friends and family

Here are some Garden Party idea’s and tips…

*Garden Themed Invitations. Use a 4 x 5 1/2 piece of card stock. Pick up some 10 for $1 seed packs and use the seed pack for the ‘picture’. Use a rubber stamp with ‘party info’ on the back. Not just cute, but practical.
You can also take photos of flowers, garden junque or garden scenes, crop them down and use them for the front of your invitation.

Here is a photo I took that I put on the front of a blank card. 'Your Invited' rubber stamp and pack of seeds!

Here is a photo I took that I put on the front of a blank card. ‘Your Invited’ rubber stamp and pack of seeds!

*Decorating the table and buffet will speak loudly when done right! Here are some super cute ideas!
~Use pretty floral sheets or plain white that drape to the floor with quilts laid diagonally over for table clothes.
~Use 3 clay pots of the same size to hold forks, spoons and knives in. Tie a piece of raffia around the rim with a bow to make it even cutter.
~Use baskets lined with floral napkins to hold napkins & breads.
~Mason jars make the cutest drinking vessels, especially if they are blue! Not to mention flower vases and candle holders.
~A hodge podge of old plates and platters are a great way to serve your sandwiches, cheese & crackers & appetizers.
~Use an old galvanized wash tub filled to the top with ice and put bottled water, juice or pop in for guests.
~An old pickle crock thoroughly cleaned makes a spectacular punch bowl.
~Print the menu out on card stock and lay over each guests plate.

*The Menu! Your theme is garden, so plan according.
~Sandwiches can be very special! I like to make mini sandwiches but cutting the sandwich into quarters. First I trim off the crust; make your sandwich and then cut into diagonally so you have four triangles. I like to use chicken, egg and tuna salad for my fillings along with a yummy cucumber filling. Go to my Facebook at for the recipe! Be sure to LIKE AND SHARE while you’re there, please and thanks!

~Watermelons aren’t just yummy, they can be beautiful centerpieces as well. Most of us have seen how melons can be cut to represent a handled basket, hollowed out and then filled with a beautiful and delicious fruit salad. The long oval shaped melons work best.

*Punch is the funnest drink for a party! Try making ‘real’ lemonade! It is very simple- use 3 parts water to 1 part lemon juice, add 1 cup of sugar for every 4 cups of liquid! Cut lemon’s and limes in slices and let them swirl around to make it extra special. If you have a ‘color’ theme to your party, add a few drops of food coloring to make your lemonade your color! You can use any large container to hold your punch! Use jelly jars for your glasses with umbrella straws!

*Of course the Cake! Check out this Teapot cake tutorial- this really makes an impression! A little time consuming, but worth the effort!

*Garden themed craft projects are a fun way to send your guests home with a gift. Try making Posy Pots! Here is what you will need! Organic Potting mix, 1 Quart Zip Lock baggies, Sunflower or Marigold seeds, pretty card stock , tulle, raffia, and a small clay pot. Fill the baggie with enough potting mix to fill the pot then place filled bag inside the pot. Take the card stock and make a small packet to put 2-3 seeds in, seal. Place seed packet on top of dirt bag in pot. Gather tulle around the outside of the pot, and tie with raffia. Cut out a 4″ x 4″ piece of card stock for a gift tag and using a rubber stamp or sticker of the type of flower seed you chose, place it on the square, punch a hole in the corner, write planting instructions on back and attach to raffia bow. Such fun for everyone!

The ideas of course are only limited by your imagination… so have fun, host a party and let your creativity shine!

Don’t forget to take a trip over to For Dragonflies And Me Facebook page for this yummy Cucumber ‘Herb Garden’ Sandwiches!

Happy Day,