Start Planting Your Fall Garden Now!

Russian Red Kale- Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Did you know August is ideal for planting lettuces, spinach & other greens along with beets, broccoli, kale, and peas?

These crops are cold-weather hardy and even love a light frost- it makes them sweeter!

Most of you know I am a die-hard for heirloom varieties. The flavors, textures, and overall hardiness is incomparable. 

I thought I’d share some of my favorite seed companies along with varieties to get you excited to plant your fall garden!

As the scent of autumn begins to fill the air, most gardeners are dreading the season’s end to their garden. But don’t despair! If you’re a newbie gardener or a die-hard, I’m sure there’s a few tips I can share here to help you get your fall garden going!

My favorite seed catalog is Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. They have seeds from all over the world, and varieties that will tickle any gardener’s fancy! To see their catalog click this link

Kale Variety- Russian Red- 1885 Russian red is very tender & mild with a wonderful nutty flavor. This variety is delicious at all stages, but makes a great addition to a salad as a baby green. 60 Days.

Sugar Ann Peas- Annie’s Heirloom Seeds

This is an extraordinary early and sweet pea with edible pods. The compact plants require very little garden space and don’t need to be staked. 3” pods are tender and crisp! 50 days.

Chioggia BeetSeed Savers Exchange

This beautiful & unique French Heirloom is good for both eating fresh or canning. 50 Days

Pro tip: If you decide to can these, be warned as they don’t stay striped!

Forellenschluss- Speckled Like a Trout Lettuce- Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

An old Austrian heirloom; the name means “speckled like a trout.” This is a remarkably beautiful romaine type lettuce with speckles in deep red on large leaves! My personal favorite! 60 Days.

Giant Winter Spinach- Annie’s Heirloom Seeds

A cold hardy, winter warrior with huge semi-savoyed leaves. Giant Winter is a flavor packed cool climate favorite. Unfazed by nasty weather, this hardy heirloom is perfect for overwintering. 50 days.

De Cicco Brocolli- Seed Savers Exchange

This Italian Heirloom will produce a nice center head & several off shoots. You will need to start these seeds indoors & transplant. 48-60 days from transplant.

Bellezia Arugula- High Mowing Seeds

This beautiful arugula is tender with a lovely spice flavor & will be a delicious addition to fall salads. Direct sow into your garden. 50 days.

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