Containers for Planting

I love to set up old, chipped paint chairs in and around my gardens.
 This one sits just outside of the kitchen garden.
A pot filled with happy pansies rests on top and an old rusty tin bucket sits beside… both ready to welcome
garden walkers!

This is an old fashioned double burner canner, or ‘water bather’!
I picked this beauty up at a junk yard when Neil was looking for a part! 
You never know where you’ll find good garden junque!
Once again pansies say hello to all who travel through the gardens.

This is one of my favorite planters- it’s an old, rusty metal toolbox!
I plant pink geraniums in it every year…
You can see where I used an old barrel in the background as a planter as well!

Have fun and be sure to read my blog below for lots more great Container Gardening ideas!

Happy Day,