Michigan Farmers Market Association (M.I.F.M.A.), with Amanda Shreve, Executive Director~ PODCAST

“Food is Medicine!” Amanda Shreve

Join Jean as she chats it up with Amanda Shreve, Executive Director for the Michigan Farmers Market Association.

During the month of May Jean will be focusing on local food and how to source it, along with talking to professionals in the industry who fight the good fight advocating for fair food. Jean couldn’t think of a better organization to include than MIFMA~ Michigan Farmers Market Association and its wonderful Director, Amanda Shreve! 

Amanda has been part of the MIFMA team since November 2009. She says, “I am passionate about connecting the public with agriculture and growing awareness of what it takes to produce our food supply in a safe, equitable and environmentally sustainable way. I recognize that farmers markets are a very visible and tangible way to establish, maintain and grow this connection.”

Amanda obtained her Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from Michigan State University. She enjoys floral design, gardening, and spending time with her husband and two dogs. 

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To Learn more about MIFMA and all it’s programs check them out here:

  • Mission: MIFMA places equity at the forefront of supporting the viability of community-driven marketplaces so that they can connect ALL consumers to local farms and businesses. 
  • Vision: MIFMA places farmers markets at the forefront of the local food movement and works to ensure all residents have access to healthy, locally grown food and that Michigan farmers markets receive policy support.”

Join Jean each week as she chats it up about  gardening, cooking, organizational tips & tricks, chatting about healthy lifestyles, and of course having conversations with incredible entrepreneurs!

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