5 Reasons to Support Your Local Farmers Markets: How they benefit people both health wise & the local community

Go to the farmers market and buy food there. You’ll get something that’s delicious. It’s discouraging that this seems like such an elitist thing. It’s not. It’s just that we have to pay the real cost of food. People have to understand that cheap food has been subsidized. We have to realize that it’s important to pay farmers up front, because they are taking care of the land. Alice Waters

If there is one thing I’m passionate about, it’s local food & farmers markets! I was a farmer for almost 15 years, and most of that time a farmers market vendor. I know what it’s like to be on both sides of the table~ as a vendor, and a market manager.

My heart is most at home in the garden & the farmers markets. Today I will talk to you about my heart felt desire to inspire every person to shop at the farmers market. When you do you are supporting local producers, your local economy, help the sustainability of farmland, and so much more!

Maybe you’ve even been contemplating becoming a market vendor! Do you create, bake, grow, or develop something? Well, a farmers market might be your first step to a successful business start up.  Farmers markets are great starting points for local entrepreneurs!

I want this podcast to inspire you… please let me know in the comments below if I did!

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Local businesses I mentioned… here’s how to connect with them!
Steaks & Cupcakes can be found at The Oakland County Farmers Market
Hey Honey can be found at The Dearborn Summer Market Ann Arbor Farmers Market.
Check out the farmers at Detroit Eastern Market
Check out my class listings at The Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market
Check out my class listings at Goldner Walsh Garden & Home

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Be sure to eat fresh, shop local, & have a happy day!


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