Herb Container Class at The Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market

Container Gardening with Herbs: Learn how-to make & grow an herb garden planter!

The container gardener is limited only by your imagination! Whether you have a large garden, raised beds, or the smallest patio or balcony, Jean will show you how you can reap a crop of herbs. It’s all in the harvesting friends!

In todays class held at The Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market, Jean Roman will showcase how you can create thriving herb containers you’ll be able to bring in during the winter as well, if you choose! Whether you are an experienced or novice gardener, this class will be loads of fun with tons of great information!

Lifestyle expert Jean Roman shares gardening and cooking tips

The Market is excited to welcome Jean Roman with her gardening and cooking tips to our 2023 lineup.

Jean is a mother of six, published author, podcaster, YouTuber, organic gardener, organizational guru and influencer who lives in Waterford. A cookbook author and self-professed master gardener with more than 20 years of experience, Jean loves to share her passion for and knowledge of organic gardening, the local food movement and food preparation and preservation.

On her weekly podcast, “For Dragonflies and Me,” Jean gives gardening, cooking and organizational tips and tricks; discusses healthy lifestyles, and welcomes a wide variety of entrepreneurs.

Jean will make six presentations at the Market throughout the season. Please join her as she discusses and demonstrates:

May 13 – Container gardening with herbs

June 17 – Making strawberry jam

July 8 – Easy and delicious pesto sauce

August 5 – Planning your fall garden

Sept. 23 – Homemade marinara sauce

Oct. 14 – Fall garden cleanup

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