Podcast with Victoria O’Brien, Owner & Designer for Draft Paper Co.

“Greeting cards for the rest of us!” ~Victoria O’Brien

Today’s guest really will inspire you!

During our conversation Victoria goes on to describe the naming of her company and reflects on how each one of us are also in a particular stage of life… in a draft stage. I was so moved with her analogy as it resonated with me so deeply. She goes on to explain that her company, just like her life is in Draft, and certainly not the final version.

Today’s guest is an incredible graphic designer and even offers custom designed wedding logo’s. It doesn’t stop there though, listen to here more!

Some of you listening today may remember my premiere podcast guest, Mr. Tim Travis, owner of Goldner Walsh Garden and Home. Well as I mentioned in one of my podcasts from last month, Tim hosted a lovely artists market last December in one of his event greenhouses. To say the least it was delightful… but when you mix food with shopping, what more can a gal ask for!  

The market showcased several local artisans selling their wares, along with some yummy foodies! To say the least… I was in a bit of heaven on earth. My favorite things all in one stop!

I of course was hoping to meet some cool people to be guests on upcoming podcast episodes, and I was not disappointed. I met this super energetic gal with crazy cool art ranging from notepads, greeting cards, pens, and original art. 

 And that is where I met today’s guest, please let me introduce  Victoria O’Brien, Owner & Designer of Draft Paper Co. 

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Until next time friends,

Happy Day,


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