PODCAST: Taste The Local Difference with Karey Stid, Mid by Southeast Michigan Local Food Coordinator

Michigan’s guide to local farms, farmers markets, restaurants, beer, wine and specialty producers!

As many of you may know I have been involved with farmers markets as a vendor and as a market manager for close to 20 years. This journey started when we had our farm and decided to sell at area farmers markets. This is one of the main reasons I am such a supporter of local markets & entrepreneurs. Last summer was the first year I wasn’t either in front of the table or behind it.  I really do miss being there, but now I am happy to patronize as a customer!

The month of May is generally when most summer markets open up to the public. After a long winter folks are always excited to return to their town or city’s markets and reunite with their favorite farmers & artisans. Although there are several markets here in the Metro Detroit area that run year round, and I for one am sooo grateful, I do longingly anticipate the return of the regular season markets. 

The diversity of products of course is the ultimate draw. Today’s guest is with an organization I’ve personally partnered with for close to ten years while I managed several area markets. My guest is their ‘boots on the ground gal’… she is the one who is connecting with Mid and Southeast Michigan’s market managers & producers to make sure all of YOU know what’s happening in the local food scene.

Please help me introduce Karey Stid, Taste The Local Differences Mid by Southeast Michigan Local Food Coordinator. 

Karey Stid is Taste the Local Difference’s Local Food Coordinator in the mid to Southeast region of the mitten. She is passionate about connecting and developing authentic relationships with the local food and beverage producers (and supporters!) in her region. In her free time she can be found walking her dog, cooking spontaneous meals with her husband, or catching up with friends and family members!

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To learn more about Taste The Local Difference and if you’re interested in becoming a partner there are a few ways to get signed up:
You can visit localdifference.org/services/partnerships to learn more and sign up yourself 
Or, if you would like to talk with someone within your region who can tell you more about partnership opportunities, reach out to me via email at karey@localdifference.org and I will make sure that you get connected with the Local Food Coordinator in your area to start that conversation.

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6 thoughts on “PODCAST: Taste The Local Difference with Karey Stid, Mid by Southeast Michigan Local Food Coordinator

  1. We always shop at farmer’s markets. They are all opening now and I’d much rather spend a bit more to support the local growers and farmers. We also have local seafood, it’s so fresh and never frozen.

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