Recipe for Corn Chip Lettuce Salad and 3 Cheese Quesadillas

“Cooking is about creating something delicious for someone else.” – Ayumi Komura

It’s a bit early for salad in my opinion, but this is a good one for sure! We are a family of comfort food in the cooler weather, and dive head first into grilling & salads once the weather begins to warm up! 

If you have a copy of my wonderful cookbook, Lovingly Seasoned Eats and Treats, then you’ll be able to find this yummy recipe on page 77. If you don’t own a copy of it, you can purchase it here in either a beautiful spiral bound softcover or NEW, a Downloadable PDF version. o purchase my original cookbook, Lovingly Seasoned Eats and Treats in either a spiral bound soft cover OR NEW, a Downloadable PDF version. 

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I’ve adjusted the recipe a bit, and provided you with specifics on how I make it! Enjoy friends, and be sure to let me know how you like it in the comments below, I love your feedback!

Ingredients: Yields approximately 4~ 2 cup servings

1 head of lettuce, iceberg is best for this salad

6-8 hard boiled eggs, diced or quartered

1 cup shredded Colby jack cheese or similar

4-6 cups of crumbled corn chips. I prefer Frito Lay brand, and I only use about 4 cups

½ pound bacon, fried and crumbled


1 cup Miracle Whip. Do not substitute with mayo, it does NOT taste the same!

⅛ cup white vinegar

¼ cup white whole milk

¼ cup brown sugar

¼ cup white sugar

Easy 3 Cheese Quesadillas!

To make 1 you’ll need: You can use any cheese you want but here is what I used and it was a perfect blend of mild to sharp!

1 TBSP salted butter
1 Extra large flour tortilla
2 slices mozzarella cheese
2 slices baby Swiss cheese
2 slices of mild to sharp cheddar cheese


In a skillet, melt the butter; spread to cover the whole bottom of the skillet.

Place the tortilla down in the skillet.

Add cheese to cover 1 half of the tortilla; fold over to make a half moon.

Fry for about 1 to 2 minutes, or until golden brown; flip and repeat.

I added about 5 sundried tomatoes and some fresh basil leaves into mine! So yum!

In a bowl, combine all the dressing ingredients and blend until any lumps have been blended thoroughly.

In a large salad bowl, toss together the first 5 ingredients.

When you are ready to serve, add the dressing into the salad and toss until evenly coated.

PRO TIP: I precut my bacon into about 1 inch pieces and fry to eliminate the crumbling! Much easier & faster!

This is a sweet tasting salad, and you can cut back the amount of sugar if you choose to, but I suggest you try it as the recipe states first and then adjust.

How to make perfect hard boiled eggs:

In a medium pot, fill a bit more than 1/2 full with cold water.

Place eggs carefully in water and bring to a boil on high heat; boil for 3 minutes.

Turn heat off, leave eggs in water for an additional 5 minutes.

Drain water and place water in a bowl with ice cubes and cool. Peel.

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