Gardening 101 Day 24~ How-to Store Your Asparagus Crowns Before You’re Ready to Plant Them!

“You are also far less likely to waste food when you have nurtured it from a seed into a plant.” — Darina Allen

Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables. It’s tall wispy stalks teasing to cut back and cook on a grill slathered with thyme infused olive oil… oh yum. Spring’s bounty can’t come quickly enough!

As many of you follow me on Facebook and Instagram know, I just recently received my Purple Passion and Martha Washington asparagus crowns. Well, I certainly am not ready to plant these beauties, and I need to make sure they remain moist and viable for when I am ready to plant them.

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Here’s my easy step by step on how to store your asparagus crowns!

Here is a super quick and easy tutorial on how to store your asparagus crowns if you receive them before you are ready to plant them. Be sure to check out my blog on How-to Plant and Care for Asparagus if you missed it!

Step 1: Carefully remove the asparagus crowns from packaging, making sure not to cut any of the roots when opening.

Step 2: Take 4 to 5 sheets of paper towel and stack together, then get them wet; wring out about 90 percent of the water.

Step 3: Place the wet paper towels on your counter or table; Carefully layer the asparagus crowns on the center of the sheets.

Step 4: Carefully fold the wet paper towels over the crowns like an envelope.

Step 5: Place the packaged asparagus crowns into a zip lock type storage bag; carefully press out most of the air being sure not to press on the crowns.

Step 6: Place the package in your vegetable crisper drawer or in the fridge in a location they won’t get crushed or banged around. 

Be sure to let your family members know what they are and to be careful.

Check the package weekly to make sure the paper towels are still damp. If they begin to dry out, repeat the process being careful not to damage the crowns or roots.

Once you are ready to plant your asparagus crowns, remove them from the packaging and follow my planting instructions found at my blog post!

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