PODCAST with Karen Sammer, Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach & Owner of Your Power, Your Health Nutrition & Health Coaching.

“My mission is the make this planet a healthier one, one person at a time!”
~Karen Sammer


I’m super excited to introduce you to this remarkable warrior woman! She has quite a story to share with all of you including her battle with cancer & how she conquered it. She is here today to let you all know you can take a stumbling block & turn it into a stepping stone… and boy did she ever.

After finding out she had a very aggressive form of breast cancer, this lady pushed on and fought the battle.  She determined to change her life style. After losing 135 pounds, Karen took the bull by the horns, went back to school, and started her own Health & Wellness Coaching business.

Today’s guest & I met on-line where we were both participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I had the opportunity to visit her website and immediately knew she would be a wonderful contributor to my podcast. 

Based out of New Jersey, today’s guest is a:

  • National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
  • and a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate Program Graduate.

Please help me welcome today’s guest, Karen Sammer,Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach & Owner of Your Power, Your Health Nutrition & Health Coaching. 

To learn more about Karen and what she offers, visit her at her website at https://yourpoweryourhealth.com/
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