Podcast with Farah Bazzi, Founder & Creative Director for Maraseel Cards

Let’s talk about taking that leap of faith…

Join me today as I chat it up with Farah Bazzi, Founder & Creative Director from Maraseel Cards in Dearborn, Michigan.

Farah discusses what it’s like to leave her professional career as a high school Biology teacher to have her twin daughters right at the world shut down with COVID.

She discusses how she listened to her intuition and decided rather than to go back teaching, she dove into creating her own line of luxury stationaries!

I had the pleasure of meeting this incredibly talented woman at a LeadHER-ship conference late last fall. To say the least, I was so inspired by her story, I wanted to share it with the world, but especially those who may be standing with a foot on both sides of the fence trying to decide to go for their dream or not.

Listen today, and I believe you make the decision to make that leap of faith!

Click this LINK to listen to today’s episode. It might be what changes your life! 

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Happy Day Friends,


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