Gardening How-to for the Month of February

“Help us to be ever faithful gardeners of the spirit, who know that without darkness nothing comes to birth, and without light nothing flowers. ” May Sarton

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Who is ready to get back into the dirt?

Some of you reading this may live in a climate where gardening happily goes on year round. I live in Michigan, so unless a gardener has ways to extend their growing season, then we dream of spring.

The use of green houses, cold frames, or similar methods can increase your growing season remarkably in cold climate zones.

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February How-to Garden Topics!

Heirloom Seeds: Why I prefer them, their benefits & more. PODCAST

Join me for the first topic at my Podcast as I discuss the benefits & why I prefer Heirloom Seeds over Hybrid.

Seed Catalogs: How-to get your first order in! YouTube

How do you decide what seed catalog to shop from? How do I choose from the plethora of varieties? Today I’ll help guide you through placing your order & sharing my personal favorites I’ve used for years!

My Top 10 Easy Vegetables to Grow, & How-to Care for Them.

Today I’ll share my Top 10 favorite & super easy vegetables to grow. I’ll also share tips & tricks to have a successful growing season.

My Top 10 Favorite Herbs to Grow, & How-to Care for Them. YouTube

Let’s talk herbs!!! I’ll go over my favorite tried & true herbs and how-to care for them. I’ll explain the difference between annual, biennials, & perennials herbs!

My Top 5 Favorite Perennial Fruits & Vegetables, & How-to Grow & Care for them. PODCAST

Do you want to save money on your grocery bills? Today I’ll share my Top 5 Perennial Fruits & Vegetables, and How-to grow & care for them. It’s so easy & you’ll be amazed you haven’t been growing these for years already!

How-to Plant Asparagus, Care for it, and harvest!

One of springs first vegetables. This hardy vegetable will provide your family with years of fresh asparagus! Join me today as I share tips & tricks on how-to plant, care, & harvest your asparagus.

Easy How-to Plan Your Spring Garden! PODCAST

Planning your garden is the first step to preparing for success! Join me today as I discuss the importance of mapping out your garden whether or not you have raised beds or a tradition plot garden.

How-to Design & Build a Raised Bed Garden & the Benefits over a Traditional Garden. PODCAST

I love talking about Raised Bed Gardening & showing how & why they are so much more practical then traditional tilled gardens. Join me today as I explain why you should take the leap into raised bed gardening. It’s easier than you think!

Step-by-Step How-to Build a Cold Frame.

If you live in a cold climate zone like I do, then you will want to learn how-to extend your growing season by using this simple method. Cold frames are easy & inexpensive to build. This photo was taken from Pinterest for Bonnie Plants.

Top 10 Gardening Tools Every Gardener Should Have! YouTube

With the proper gardening tools, gardening is much easier and not so hard on your hands or back. Join me today as I show you my favorite tools and discuss the best way’s to use them.

How-to Compost & the Benefits for the Home Gardener.

To compost, or not to compost… that is the question! Join me today as I discuss the benefits of composting for the home gardener. It’s easier than you think it is!

Sunflowers: My Top 10 Favorites & Why You Should Grow Them. YouTube

Who doesn’t love the sunny face of a sunflower? Did you know there are dozens of varieties? Just for fun lets wrap up the cold days of February with a beautiful display of sunflowers.

Looking forward to seeing you all in February!

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