Easy Crock Pot Beef Stew with Dumplings

“Cooking with love provides food for the soul.” – Valerie McKeehan

Cooking certainly does require a certain amount of love for those we are cooking for, wouldn’t you agree? Afterall, cooking may not be everyone’s cup of tea so to speak, but we all have to do it to a degree. 

Some of us are single, living with, or married with or without kids. Who cooks in your home?

I am very fortunate that Dave & I both love to play around in the kitchen as do my boys. We enjoy sitting around the table and creating our monthly menus and trying new dishes. Dave has definitely introduced the boys to some new stuff. I’m afraid I can get in a rut… which is why menu planning is so important. You can read more about that HERE in my Organization 101 Series.

Well, stew has been a long time favorite in my home. I remember the delicious smell of stew wafting through my home as a child. My grandmother would be busy in the kitchen making homemade dumplings, and ohhhhh the deliciousness we had for dinner that night. 

Sticking to my comfort food recipes… here it is friends. Enjoy!

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4 cups lean beef stew chunks. You can use a round steak and cut into chunks as well.

1- 32 ounce container of Beef Stock

1/4 cup white all purpose flour OR cornstarch

1 cup carrots, cut into 2 inch lengths

1 cup potatoes, cut into quarters or chunks

1/2 red onion, minced

1/2 cup celery, diced

1 fresh clove of garlic minced OR 1 tsp jarred

1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 tsp Montreal Steak Spice

Yields approximately 8 cups finished product.

This recipe can be found in my wonderful cookbook, Lovingly Seasoned Eats and Treats on page 127.

I’ve altered it a bit to make it in a cropckpot!

If you still don’t own your own copy of my cookbook, click this LINK to order! Be sure to read the testimonials while you’re here!

1. Gather all your ingredients. Rinse meat off, wash veggies and prepare.

Place meat in crock pot with 1 cup of broth.

3. Sprinkle steak spice over meat & stir to blend.

4. Add cut Heirloom carrots and minced garlic.

5. Next add the potatoes. Here I’ve used Heirloom purple potatoes I purchased at the Detroit Eastern Farmers Market.

6. Cut red onions and celery, and add to meat & veggie mixture.

7. Next stir in the olive oil and mix well.

8. Cook in a crockpot on High for 6 to 7 hours.

You’ll know its done when the veggies are fork tender and meat can be easily pierced with a fork or knife.

9. Once meat and veggies are cooked, in a bowl add 1 cup of the broth with flour or cornstarch; whisk until there are no lumps.

Pour mixture along with remaining broth over meat & veggie mixture; cook for another 30 to 40 minutes on high until thickened.

10. Now, make your dumplings according to the directions. You can find this recipe in my Cookbook on page 127 with the Easy Chicken Stew recipe, or use your favorite one.

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9 thoughts on “Easy Crock Pot Beef Stew with Dumplings

  1. That stew looks DELICIOUS! I love making stew and soup, the kitchen smells so good while they are cooking. Rich and I both cook and of course Lia helps too! A meal like this I like to make leftovers in individual freezer containers and pull out when needing a quick meal.


  2. I love Stew but never through of Stew and Dumplings going together. But I may try this recipes omitting the Onions which the guys don’t care for. As for who cooks in our home we all take turns because my son is Homeschooled and has a Cooking Class. Thank you for being part of the #UBC. I hope to see you here next time. Have a good day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s the great thing with stew, easy to sway in and out ingredients!!! That’s awesome your don is learning to cook !!! My boys, all 5 lol love to cook as well!
      Thanks to you as well, and I certainly hope to participate again!


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