Organization 101 Day 12: Room by Room Organization~ The Laundry Room!

“Deciding what NOT to do is as important as deciding what to do.”— Steve Jobs

Welcome to the next article in my Organization 101 Series.  In my last entry I shared organization tips & tricks for the Bedroom, Bath, & Closets. There are two parts, one here at my blog, and one at my Podcast.

If you missed it here are the links: Blog & Podcast!

I have always enjoyed doing laundry. It’s actually one of my favorite domestic tasks to be honest. As many of you know, we recently moved into our new home this past December. My laundry is in the basement which I don’t mind. After all, I still have a couple helpers around the house, LOL!

My basement is fully finished and acts as our Fan Cave and my Office. I’ll be touching on my organization techniques in my office in the last but not least post in my Organization 101 Room by Room Series.

The laundry room however is the one area which isn’t finished. It is also home to the furnace and water heater. I have a few wonderful shelves. I store totes filled with party supplies and linens on them. I also have a wonderful wall shelf unit I purchased which holds more of my party supplies and holiday dishes. I have a lot of stuff… Dave keeps telling me I need to downsize for our final move down south when we retire in six short years! I’m slowly doing it…

I believe a laundry room should be a functional space, however it can quickly become cluttered and disorganized. With some planning and effort, it can be transformed into a clean and efficient area.

Here are some tips for organizing a laundry room:

Sort and separate laundry by color and type. This will prevent colors from bleeding and protect delicate fabrics. Keep a laundry hamper or basket in the room for dirty clothes and a separate basket or bin for clean clothes that need to be folded or ironed.

Invest in storage solutions. Use shelves, cabinets, and baskets to store laundry detergent, fabric softener, and other laundry essentials. Keep frequently used items within easy reach and less frequently used items in higher or harder-to-reach places.

Utilize vertical space. Install a hanging rod or hooks to hang clothes that need to air dry. You can also install a pegboard or a command strip to hang tools, such as a lint roller or a stain remover.

Keep it clean. Laundry rooms can quickly become dirty and cluttered, so make sure to regularly clean the room and keep it tidy. Wipe down surfaces, sweep the floor, and keep the room free of debris.

Create a folding and ironing station. Set up a folding table or a designated area where you can easily fold and iron clothes. Keep an ironing board and iron nearby, along with a basket for clothes that need to be ironed.

Make use of the laundry room as a multi-functional space. If you have a spare room or area, you can use it as a laundry room as well as a craft room or a home office. It is a great way to make the most of the available space and also keep the area looking neat and tidy.

Keep a schedule. To avoid letting the laundry pile up, create a schedule for doing laundry. For example, you can set aside time every weekend to do laundry and keep your clothes organized throughout the week.

By following these tips, you can easily organize your laundry room and keep it clean and functional. With a little effort and planning, you can create a space that is both efficient and visually pleasing. Remember to regularly maintain and update the organization to keep it functional. Happy organizing!

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6 thoughts on “Organization 101 Day 12: Room by Room Organization~ The Laundry Room!

  1. Wow, who knew laundry could be so much fun! I totally agree with your favorite domestic task statement. I think it’s a great feeling to see a pile of dirty clothes turn into a stack of neatly folded and organized garments. Moving into a new home is always exciting and I can’t wait to see how you organize your basement laundry room. I’m sure it’ll be just as amazing as your party supplies storage shelves.

    Organizing a laundry room can be quite a challenge, but with your tips, it sounds like a breeze. I especially like the idea of utilizing vertical space with hanging rods or hooks. I’m a big fan of multi-functional spaces, so incorporating a craft room or home office into the laundry room is a great idea. I’ll definitely be implementing your schedule tip to keep the laundry pile at bay. Thanks for sharing these fantastic tips, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in your next organization post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the idea to have a cabinet for holiday and party supplies. Currently we have two wall to wall shelves above the washer and dryer but was thinking of changing them out and putting cabinets there. I should have keep out kitchen ones when we remodeled!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I also enjoy doing laundry – I used to carry the basket out to the clothesline with my mom, and we’d sit on her bed to fold.

    In my old house, the laundry was tucked behind doors of the kitchen, and in my new house, I’ll have a stacked pair in a nook beside my art and music room. We intend to put a retractable line outside – I still enjoy the fragrance of air dried linens!
    I use 0 waste laundry sheets, and dissolve a tablespoon of borax in hot water, to pour in the liquid dispenser. I got locally crafted wool dryer balls to use on inside drying days. I’ll likely hang some things inside the door, and have a retractable rod to hang dry
    It’s fun to plan!

    Liked by 1 person

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