Premiere Podcast with Tim Travis, Owner of Goldner Walsh Garden & Home!

“Nature is it’s own healer.” ~ Timothy Travis Post


I am so excited to air the first episode of my NEW Podcast with you!! I’ll be chatting it up with Tim Travis, owner of Goldner Walsh Garden & Home located in the Historic District of Pontiac, Michigan.

In my PREMIERE podcast, Tim discusses entrepreneurship, business building, products & services GW offers, along with how gardening can have a positive impact on ones wellbeing.

In this episode we’ll talk about how Tim started out selling tomatoes to a local banks tellers, the influence his grandmothers Rose & Lilly had on his budding interest in horticulture to his education at MSU leading up to first his employment at GW, and his eventual ownership.

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You don’t want to miss out on this Premiere episode of For Dragonflies And Me talks!

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5 thoughts on “Premiere Podcast with Tim Travis, Owner of Goldner Walsh Garden & Home!

    • Hi Lynn! Well you’ve come to right spot. Simply type Gardening in the search bar and you’ll find oodles of information! Also, after my Organization 101 blog series, I’ll be starting my Garden Planning series both here & at my Podcast! Hope to see you here often!


  1. Your premiere sounds phenomenal. I am starting a podcast on January 29 – I would love to be in touch with you about your endeavor. Also, I agree with your guest. Nature is a healer indeed! Shameless tree hugger here!


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