Friendship Garden How-to & some fun tips! 

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” –Oscar Wilde

Friendship Gardens are designed with the intent to create memories of those who have shared some of their beloved plants with you over the years. This generally happens as we thin out our own, and then obviously want to share those. This is one of my favorite garden plots, and it is so easy to get started! 

First, create a list of a few of your gardening friends. Consider their garden’s and what plants they have to offer in the line of perennials.  

Pro Tip: If this is a new garden, when deciding where to install it, be sure to consider how much or little sun you will get there. Also consider water source.

Next, once you’ve decided on your garden location, size and have it prepared for planting, you can begin asking your friends for seedlings you’d like to remember them by.  They will be so touched they mean that much to you, they will gladly give you a ‘baby’.  But be careful, you may get a whole group ready to start ‘Plant Swapping’ and garden making~ now wouldn’t that be terrible 😉 !

Within your friendship garden, you can easily create a Sitting Area. This garden is for quiet times.  I’ve always made sure I have a special spot where I can look over the garden & watch the birds, bee’s and just relax.

Pro Tip: Be sure to incorporate bird baths & houses in your garden. It adds interest & helps our feathered friends.

Creating your sitting area, you will need to determine a few things:

First you will want to decide what type of seating you’d like, and what is most fitting for your style of garden.

Pro Tip: Take two tree stumps and a wood slab. Next, lay the board across the two stumps for a very rustic bench.

You can use whatever suits your fancy & taste for your quiet spot.  Take a cup of tea, coffee or cocoa and just enjoy the moment. 

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