Feeding the Birds: Cooler days are ahead so lets help out our little feathered friends!

“There is an unreasonable joy to be had from the observation of small birds going about their bright, oblivious business” – Grant Hutchison, The Complete Lachlan.

Rose Breasted Grosbeak

I have always enjoyed the quiet stillness that resonates while observing these little feathered friends flirt about.  I feel very fortunate to have been visited by so many varieties here with our five acres of woods. We have been able to observe several bird species including Baltimore Orioles, rose breasted grosbeaks, ruby throated hummingbirds, and the elusive pileated woodpecker. My personal favorite is the little garden wren who comes and sings while sitting on one of my plant hangers on my deck. I just know they are saying, “Good morning Jean, thanks for the yummy bird seed!”

I’ve always loved watching the birds and teaching my children their species name & different qualities. Feeding the birds has been something I’ve done with my children for many years. I thought why not share a few easy recipes for suet’s & other treats they love!

Bird feed and treats can get a bit expensive, although I feel it is money well spent for the reward of being able to watch such intricate & beautiful creatures so closely.

PRO TIP: The territorial Blue Jay can be very defensive around bird feeders, so I grow a row of sunflowers on the edge of our garden just for them. I also have a special dried corn cob holder I put in a tree away from the other feeders. They are very happy and I believe they feel a bit spoiled by me!
Sweet Autumn Clematis
Bird house in the clematis
Gold Finch
My favorite, The House Wren

I have a beautiful Sweet Autumn Clematis growing on my pool deck, and the birds just love these vining havens. They gather for shelter as well as nesting! Last week I put a bird house in the inside corner… I can’t wait to see who makes it a home!

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