How-to incorporate herbs into your table decor



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5 thoughts on “How-to incorporate herbs into your table decor

  1. I went with my husband yesterday, to get his lab work done & he wanted to know what I was reading. Showed him my new cookbook (my mistake) & I didn’t get it back till they called him for his procedures. On the way home he was full of questions from reading your canning section & wanted to know what I could do with food from our freezers if we lost electricity for days? Told him I could can 95% or more of it but not sure of the shelled nuts. What would I need to do, dry them & vaccum pack them into jars? Wanted to say I love your cookbook, much more than I thought possible. Can’t wait till Spring to start trying your ways into my gardening from your FB pages but will try to be satisfied with reading your cookbook and trying all your recipes this winter. These’s so many questions I would love to ask you but will try to be patient and hope you cover them in FB and your blogs. Thank you for caring and sharing and all the hours you give us.


    • Thanks so much Judy… it’s because of people like you and so many of my other FB friends and followers here that make it so worth while. It’s the appreciation for what I try to do… in such a little way, that makes me happy to keep going on with it.
      Please don’t hesitate to ask questions… often times the questions you all ask stimulates a new article for me to write to answer them.
      I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the book and I was wondering if I may use it as a testimonial on my page?
      Please let me know…
      As far as the nuts… yes I would just vac seal them…
      Good luck in all your endeavors,


  2. I am a new and very excited subscriber to your blog. I love everything about it! I would love to buy one of your cookbooks and one of your canning books. Do you have a home web page where I can go to order these? Blessings to you and your family..


    • . Hi Linda!
      So glad you’re enjoying my blog and I look forward to sharing with you and all my followers. Please fell free to ask questions anytime.
      Also, please come on over to my Facebook page! I do daily posts with lots of extras! Hope to see you there.

      For the cookbook follow this link to purchase with paypal or go to my FB page and leave me a private message and I’ll give you my address whrrer you can mail a check directly to me.
      Whichever you choose is fine with me.

      Thanks so much!


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