Sister’s Day: How-to host a fun day of activities with your friends and family


“What’s a Sisters Day?”  you’re all wondering.  Well, quite simply it’s when you and a group of friends or relatives plan a day to be together doing something you all enjoy. It can also be geared toward helping one another get specific ‘big jobs’ done that would otherwise be difficult to do alone.

Today we had an apple themed sisters day! This has been a prime year for fruit in Michigan and apples are absolutely abounding. Last week we picked fifteen bushels off our tree! What a yield. I made more apple sauce, my apple pie filling and with the rest of it we’ll do apple cider… and what goes better with fresh pressed apple cider than doughnuts? I’d say nothing!

DPP_0011So today I thought I’d share some ideas on how you can host a fun day of activities with your friends and family. Here are some Sisters Day activities, planning/organization tips and group ideas.

Activities can include but are certainly not limited to:
*Spring or Fall house cleaning
*Spring yard prep or Fall yard clean up
*Garden planting
*Harvest day- potatoes, pumpkins/ winter squash, etc.
*Sewing/ mending
*Comforter knotting/ quilting
*Card making
*Scrap booking
*Canning and preserving
*Cookie exchange
*Dinner/meal swap
*Crafty day

Basic planning/ organization of the day:
*We go in the order of the ages for our group of ladies; oldest to youngest.
*The day is typically planned at the ‘sister’s’ house whose turn it is.
*The sisters whose turn it is chooses the activities/themes for her day.
*The lady whose turn it is plans for the next one in line.
*Everyone brings a dish to pass for lunch. You can plan the menu and give everyone a designated dish or let it be a surprise pot luck.
*The sisters whose turn it is typically provides all the throw away lunch plates, cups and silverware.
*Each person brings an assigned dish for the sisters whose turn it is supper meal. This makes it nice for her, because after having a house full of company, who feels like cooking supper for the family? 😉
*I like to include a guest book for each person to sign when it’s at my house. I write the date and what the theme was.  I have each sister sign her name and what she brought for lunch and my supper.
*Depending how many are in your group will determine how often you want to get together. You can choose monthly, bi-monthly or bi-weekly.

DPP_0003Who to include in your group:
*Your family members; sister’s &/or cousins you are especially fond of 🙂 mom, mother and sister in-laws, grandma and special aunts too.
*Coworkers Is there a group in your work place that you enjoy spending time?
*Groups that you affiliate with- M.O.P.’s, homeschooling, Bible study group, Brownies or Girl Scouts, Master Gardeners, etc.
I’m sure you can think of several other groups you may have fun with!

Whatever theme or group of friends you decide on you’ll have a great time… so let your imaginations soar!

Here are some photo’s of our sisters day we had today!


Happy Day, Jean