Creating Creative Containers


Summer time is filled with fun days for our family and opportunities for new garden projects. We just finished our patio and now to move on. The project at hand is a new fish pond… I’m so excited. Neil has a few ideas about redoing the grill station of the patio and putting in a built in grill and counter. I think it’s a great idea and can’t wait to get at it.

For gardeners there is always that next project… that ‘gotta’ try idea… a new garden element to experiment with. Gardening is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. Planters are one way for gardener’s to express their creativity. I know for me, I love to find a new bucket or crate to incorporate into my gardens. Sometimes my husband Neil gives me a look as if to say, “Another one? Where is that gonna go?” Well, I’ve never been at a lack for location 😉

It’s not too late in the season to start thinking about creating containers for your garden. As a matter of fact, there’s no wrong time. I personally switch my planters up seasonally… and now so can you. Many nurseries are clearing out their stock at big discounts. Now’s the time to get the bargains.

Here are some fun idea’s to get you motivated on these hot summer days. Please be sure to stop by For Dragonflies And Me Facebook page at . I regularly post pictures of my gardens, other ideas, more recipes and great links to other wonderful and informative sites. Be sure to give a LIKE AND SHARE! Thanks in advance.


Here are two of my old antique planters! These are a real find. The black one was actually found at a junk yard!


My antique double wash tubs are filled with pink petunias over in our patio.


This is a metal planter that I picked up at a craft store. This year I filled it will potting soil, screwed it to the tree in our patio’s hosta bed and planted it! Just adds a bit of interest and draws your eyes up.


Little metal buckets are screwed to the top of our patios buffet. There are holes punched into the bottom of the buckets to allow for drainage.


A while back I posted the how to’s on planting this antique egg basket. I decided to put it on one of my garden chairs at our back door. Such a happy ‘hello’ to my friends and family!


One of my favorite planters… an antique wooden tool box. I have a few of these, this one sets in the herb section of my Potager… parsley grows in her every year!


Wrought iron planters on our patio’s privacy wall. I took old burlap bags to line them and then planted them up. The burlap helps take away the ‘formalness’ of the planters.


I picked up this wire rooster planter several years ago at a craft store. I lined it with moss and planted a geranium in her. It rests upon the table in our breakfast patio.


This planter got a fresh coat of paint this spring to match the other aqua accents I painted. It greets all who enter in through the front arbor and is something to enjoy when taking a break in the patio.


Another one of my antique wooden tool boxes. This one sets on one of the tables on our front porch. I potted up petunias and geraniums in small terra cotta pots and rested them inside.


Another wooden treasure on my front porch. I am always on the look out for old wooden crates to use as planters.


Wash tubs are a great planter! Just be sure to puncture holes on the bottom to allow for proper drainage.


Buckets planted with hosta’s in my back entry. I will replant these hosta’s into the garden this fall and replace them with mums!


I am forever on the look our for antique planters. I scored two of these several years ago at an auction- seven bucks each- and them being green was just the cherry on top! I line them with moss or burlap and then purchase large hanging baskets and transplant them into these planters.


More buckets… these have been on the side of my potting shed for several years. Each year I plant geraniums in them. Buckets are so much fun!


Enamel ware buckets make great planters… again, you do need to puncture holes for drainage. If this is too hard for you, just put your plants in another plastic pot that you can set in the bucket; remove when you need to water, and then put it back in!


Well, this doesn’t even touch all the different planter ideas that are out there. The one I want to try is using an old dresser. I’ve seen this a lot lately… just gotta find the right piece, because I already know where it’s gonna go!

Have fun and use your imagination.
Happy gardening,