Inspiring Photos of Trellis’, Arbors and Pergolas

I mentioned in the last entry that I would post some extra photos of other pergolas, arbors and trellis’…. so as promised here is more inspiration for all my Dragonfly friends. Please share with all your gardening friends! And if you haven’t been over to Dragonflies Facebook, please take a moment to go visit, LIKE and SHARE with your friends for additional daily inspirations, poems, quotes and lots more photos…

This photo is a page we ripped out of a magazine! For several years I have been trying to imagine what I can do with the front part of our farmhouse. It is two stories of white brick with several windows, but the white brick is what ‘hurts’ me… not that I don’t like the white brick… I just don’t do ‘bare’ space well. Even when I scrapbook, I gotta get beyond the bare spots! So anyway, Taylor found this and it was exactly what I’d been dreaming of unknowingly… inspiration, that’s what this is all about!


I love this look (above phote)… it is a beautiful example of cottage style in your garden as well as living art on a wall as I mentioned in my previous post.


The above photo is a nice example of a freestanding trellis. These are extremely easy to make and are beautiful with sweet pea or morning glories climbing over them.


In my last post I talked about creating an ‘invisible’ effect using green baler twine… the photo above is something along those lines, but with white. Very cute in a garden!


This is a good example of something that would fit into a more formal garden… note the boxwood hedges. Quite lovely!


This wooden arbor is simple yet elegant (Above photo). This next arbor is quite neat!


I have never in all my life seen anything as amazing as this pergola… I think we’ll stop here because I’m starting to covet… LOL!


***These last 3 photos were taken off Gardening Tips And Tricks Facebook page… great site… check em’ out at

Hope you enjoyed this photo show as much as I enjoyed putting it together… lots of inspiration for all of us… keep posted for my next post on Potting Sheds!

Happy Day,

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